United Airlines leaves London bound old mom in wheelchair stranded in Newark

Steven Williams had dropped off his 77 year old mother on wheelchair at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Va. with the hope the United Airline would do the rest. Having been reassured more than three or four times while she was on that flight to London, Williams said he later learned from the driver who was hired to pick her up that she never arrived.

Furthermore, many hours later he found that his mother had landed in New Jersey, and bumped from next flight to London. She has been left at the gate for 12 hours. “They offered her a hotel that was miles away,” Williams said. “She was expected to get there on her own. There’s no way my mom could have pushed a wheelchair at her age, so she sat there.”

United Airlines responded Tuesday, saying “this never should have happened” and that the airline had apologized to the customer’s family. “We have spoken with our customer’s family to apologize. We are working with our team and our wheelchair assistance vendor at Newark to review what happened and to prevent this from happening again,” United said in a statement.

The airline offered a $1,000 voucher to the mother, Williams said.

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