Accident: Korean B739 at Osaka on Apr 9th 2018, tail strike on go around

A Korean Airlines Boeing 737-900, registration HL7725 performing flight KE-733 from Jeju (South Korea) to Osaka Kansai (Japan) with 91 passengers, was on short final to Kansai Airport's runway 06L when the crew initiated a go around at very low height at 21:33L (12:33Z), the tail of the aircraft contacted the runway surface during the rotation for the go around. The aircraft climbed out, positioned for another approach to runway 06L and landed without further incident about 15 minutes after the go around. There were no injuries. Japan's JTSB reported the aircraft sustained damage due to a tail strike on go around and reported the occurrence as an accident (which identifies the damage as substantial). An investigation has been opened. Japan's Ministry of Transport reported the aircraft scraped its tail on the runway and went around. The aircraft received minor damage, mainly abrasion of paint from the belly, the occurrence was rated an accident (Editorial note: which contradicts the "minor damage"). Three investigators were dispatched on site. The airline reported there were no major problems. The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Osaka about 25 hours after landing.

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