Bangkok city

Hot; busy, noisy and loads of fun – welcome to Bangkok. If you are going elsewhere in Thailand or just stopping over you are likely to fly into Bangkok, although it is a pretty big city, all of the action seems to be centred on one place – the Kaoh San Road.

During the day the Kaoh San Road is awash with all sorts of *ahem* designer markets, as well as hand crafted goods to take home as souvenirs – you can find a Buddha statue in pretty much any material imaginable here. Restaurants and bars line the sides of the road with a few hostels and hotels dotted in between. As soon as you hit Bangkok you will feel an overwhelming urge to submerge yourself in very cold water; the heat seems to be trapped in Bangkok because of the high rise buildings and sheer amount of people. On the Kaoh San Road itself is a fantastic hotel called The Kaoh San Palace Inn; for around the equivalent of 30 GBP per night you will get a modern, air conditioned room and the communal areas are all marble and extremely clean. The best thing about the Kaoh San Palace Inn though is the rooftop swimming pool; this really is an enviable asset in Bangkok and is strictly for hotel guests only. What’s more is that because it’s on the roof you can get some spectacular views of the rest of Bangkok in all its smoggy glory. As night falls and you start to feel like you can break yourself away from your personal rooftop pool; it’s time to hit the bars and the night markets. No sooner do you step out of the Kaoh San Palace Inn and you will see the road has transformed to a multicoloured, bustling street with drinks offers everywhere and Thai girls with whistles coming at you from all directions. The drink of the day here is Chang beer; and you always get two for one so ask for a drink sleeve or one of them will evaporate in the heat. After you’ve grabbed yourself a few drinks and a traditional Thai pancake from one of the many food stools you might want to head to the night market; jump in a Tuk Tuk from Kaoh San Road and just ten minutes later (that’s quick in Bangkok due to the congestion) you will find yourself submerged in every knock off label you can find. If you manage to dodge the offers of ping-pong shows and a meal you can enjoy hours of retail therapy here, and you can actually get some pretty nice items to take home with you. In terms of places to eat in Bangkok there are restaurants and food stools wherever you turn; and due to it being so westernised you won’t struggle to find some international franchised fast food places as well – but you’re in Bangkok after all so try and eat local if you can.

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