So, you’re going to Barbados – whether you’re lucky enough to go there on a stopover or maybe you’ve decided to take some time out and go on holiday yourself, you’re going to need to know what to do (other than sunbathe) and the best things to go and see.

All over the Caribbean you will find beautiful white sandy beaches, tropical climates and crystal clear waters, and Barbados is no different, so tear yourself away from your sun lounger for five minutes and take a look at the sights around you. Must see sights Sea spray watersports Commonly described as ‘the trip of a life time’ and ‘unmissable’ the sea spray watersports tours are not to be missed. If you want to see sharks, turtles, and other amazing Caribbean marine life up close and personal then this is the tour for you. You don’t have to be a pro scuba-diver to enjoy it either, you can just bob along with your snorkel if you wish. East Coast If you’ve ever been on a surf board then get yourself down to the East Coast because this is a surfing Mecca. The East Coast of Barbados has more ‘umph’ than the other areas as it gets hit by Atlantic winds and therefore has more of a current – and that means awesome waves! St Nicholas Abbey Even if you’re not into historic buildings and beautiful gardens the Barbadians have got one more trick up their sleeve and that trick goes by the name of Rum. Yep, nowhere else in the world can you go for a civilised country stroll and get a little bit merry on the Caribbean’s most famous drink. Bathsheba Beach As if all the other beaches weren’t enough to wow you – Barbados has one beauty that is just a little bit more special than all the rest and that is Bathsheba Beach. The sand is so white and waters so clear it looks as though it isn’t real – but it is, and it is completely unspoilt so you cannot afford to miss this one. Places to eat Cafe Sol This vibrant Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike. Open seven days a week, Cafe Sol attracts for their famous 'Tex-Mex' dishes, their massive margarita list, fun, cosy atmosphere and their abundant portions of food. Plus, they offer a large 'gringo' menu for the less adventurous! Cafe Bar Carizma This place is a quiet little gem if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle (if you can call it that) from Caribbean life.

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