Dublin City

Dublin is fast becoming a big deal – it is described as ‘cosmopolitan and vibrant’ and the popularity of this place is growing by the second. If you want awesome nightlife combined with beautiful scenery and loads of things to see and do then Dublin is the city for you.

Must see sights Temple Bar Located in the cultural quarter of the city, the Temple Bar is famous in Dublin for a brilliant night out. Explore the winding cobbled streets in this area and sample some of Dublin’s best food and drink whilst you’re there. Dublin Castle Even if you’re not much of a history buff, Dublin castle is well worth a visit. The building alone will take your breath away – the rich culture and history surrounding this place is really interesting too, you’d have to try really hard to come away from here without having learnt anything. Dublinia Dubliana traces the history of Dublin through medieval Dublin from the English invasion through to the Black Death and the closure of monasteries in the 1500s. Henry Street Dublin’s very own shopping Mecca – this is Henry Street. There are massive department stores as well as the ILAC shopping centre, you can get lost here for hours! Grafton Street High-end meets high-street in this upmarket shopping area; the stores aren’t strictly what you would class as designer but unless you’ve saved a large part of your spending money for Grafton Street the chances are you’ll just be window shopping here. Dublin Theatre This is one of the most traditional hubs in Dublin; this is the entertainment central in the city and is fast becoming popular with modern cultural arts groups. Places to eat and stay Sixty6 This place is styled as a swanky New York-style brasserie, and the food definitely matches the ambience. It is one of the most popular dinner spots in the city for young and trendy party-goers, so you will need to book ahead. Gruel Yes, we know the name doesn’t really make you want to rush for a table – but give this place a chance because the food certainly will. It’s hearty, warming and you’d be hard pushed to leave here without a massive grin on your face. If you’re visiting Dublin in the colder months then this place is a must. Diep le Shaker Popular with the local business crowds, Diep le Shaker is tucked away down some lovely cobbled streets. Once inside you’ll find a wonderful light and airy space. The food is mainly Thai style and it is fabulous. Lynams Hotel Ok so it’s not the Ritz but it comes pretty close in terms of comfort and good service – it’s not over-priced and it is slap bang in the middle of some of the best bits of Dublin. If you want to get in on the action whilst still having a quiet night’s sleep then this hotel will see you right. Pembroke Town House A skilful combination of traditional architecture with contemporary, modern touches, this place is fabulous – and the staff are friendly too.

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