Las Vegas

‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ - welcome to the biggest adult playground in the world. The city that never sleeps really does have something for everyone; just don’t expect a few quiet drinks and an early night – if that’s what you’re after you’ve come to the wrong place.

Whether you want to experience some serious class in the Bellagio; walk like an Egyptian in the Luxor, or see the sights of ancient Rome in Caesars Palace, you are guaranteed to never get bored. A top tip to enjoying Vegas is to keep on the move; you can accidentally spend hours marvelling at the Bellagio fountains and miss out on some very cool stuff; and of course, you’ll want to gamble, but just be aware that because there’s no clocks or natural lighting you can spend hours on end in there without knowing it. Must see sights Grand Canyon Helicopter tour: for a one hour flight this tour will set you back around 100 USD but it is totally worth it; seeing the Grand Canyon at all is mind blowing but seeing it from a Helicopter just adds that extra bit of Vegas magic. The Aladdin Hotel: It doesn’t matter which hotel you’re actually staying in, it’s worth making the effort to visit the others, in true Vegas style they are all outrageously themed and the Aladdin is no exception. If you love shopping take a trip to the Desert Passage Shopping Centre. Legends in concert: Whitney Houston impersonators; various Elvis lookalikes and of course The Beatles – this is Legends in concert. But don’t think you’re getting some cheap karaoke night down the pub, these professional impersonators are some of the most convincing you’ll ever see, you will find yourself doing a double take just to be sure they’re not actually the real thing. Cirque Du Soleil: The Cirque Du Soleil is a truly unforgettable experience and if you’re lucky enough to catch them while they’re in Vegas you won’t regret it. Cirque Du Soleil is unlike anything you’ll have seen before and some of the stunts will take your breath away. The Clubs: If you’ve just spent a little too much time wasting away at the Roulette table then crack out your dancing shoes at one of Vegas’ outrageous night clubs. The LAX at the Luxor; The Bank at the Bellagio, Tao at the Venetian and Pure at Caesars are amongst the top rated. Casinos: It goes without saying – you are in Vegas after all – but check out a few of the Casinos whilst you’re there. Places to eat It’s easy to forget you need nourishment in Vegas; the lights are constant, you have no way of telling what the time is in the Casinos and with shopping bags weighing down each arm it’s difficult to find time to sit down and stop for a meal, but if you do need food and you need it quick, here is where you should go: • Stack • Union • FIX • PBR Rock Bar & Grill • Sushi Roku • I Love Burgers

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