Mumbai City

Mumbai is extreme in every sense of the word; the traffic is heavier, the heat is hotter, the smog is thicker and the sights are overwhelming. It is a haven for both wealth and poverty at the same time, so when you step out of the swanky Sheraton hotel your feet will be firmly kept on the ground by the sights around you.

Greater Mumbai has plenty to offer to excite the senses and it is easy to get caught up in the spectacle of it all. Must see sights Elephanta Island In the middle of Mumbai Harbour you will find Elephanta Island; access is by boat but it is well worth crossing the waters for as when you get to the other side you will get to experience the wonders of the rock cut temples which create a labyrinth amongst the rocks. Sanjay Ghandi National Park If the sound of thousands of cars beeping simultaneously and vendors grabbing at your sleeves to make you shop at their market is beginning to make you feel a slight bit claustrophobic then you’ll be pleased to hear there is a peaceful haven among this sprawling metropolis of high rise buildings and businessmen. The Sanjay Ghandi National Park is a chance to surround yourself in the wilderness of the jungle where the cars are replaced by flowers; birds, butterflies and the odd wild leopard. One of the most popular attractions here is the lion & tiger safari. Bollywood Tour Like an Indian version of Universal Studios – the Bollywood tour will allow you to see behind some of the top Bollywood film sets and witness the bizarre glamour of Bollywood for yourself. Tour guides are available in most European languages but English is as standard. Juhu Beach Another chance to get away from the sprawling hustle and bustle of Greater Mumbai is Juhu Beach; with tropical waters and golden sands you can take a few moments to gather your thoughts and bask in the sun. Marine Drive Also known as the Queen’s Necklace – Marine Drive is a beautiful boulevard which outlines the city and separates Chowpatty beach and some of the lovely restaurants Mumbai has to offer. Where to eat and stay • Aurus Bar – Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai; voted one of the world’s best bars, Aurus is not to be missed. • Dinner at the Renaissance Hotel • The Sheraton Hotel – pricy and glitzy the Sheraton will not disappoint, and they have the best Peshwari chicken you’re likely to experience.

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