Tokyo city

Tokyo is Japan’s capital and is a beaming metropolis of shops, bars, casinos and culture. If you’re due to stopover in Tokyo or perhaps you’ve decided to go there for a holiday, you’ll want to be sure you make the most out of your trip.

With that said, we’ve given you some information on a few of the best things to do, as well as a couple of restaurant choices and some places to stay with the budget traveller in mind. Must see sights Disneyland Who doesn’t like Disneyland?! No matter which one you go to I bet you’d be hard pushed to say you had a rubbish time, we certainly would – so whilst in Tokyo make sure you check it out! It doesn’t need a great deal of explaining – just some of the best rides ever and a chance to let your inner child out! Tsukiji fish market This might not be the best place to go if you’ve had a few too many Japanese cocktails the night before – you have been warned! But if you’ve got a clear head you can’t possibly visit Tokyo without going to the world’s largest open-air fish market. ‘But it’s just fish’ we hear you say – well yes, you’d be right, but there are thousands of them, and it’s full of hustle and bustle. Asakusa Asakusa is Tokyo’s former red light and geisha district and is an absolute must for anyone visiting Tokyo! Not many places in Tokyo feel ‘old’ in the sense that it’s existed forever, this is mainly due to the amount of earthquakes they get – but if you’re looking for a little tradition then you’ll find it here in Asakusa. Omotesando Omotesando street is Tokyo’s answer to Rodeo Drive – this is one of the most expensive shopping districts in the whole of Japan. The streets are lined with Louis Vuitton, Bvulgari, Chanel – you name anything designer and the chances are you’ll find it here. Places to eat and stay Gonpachi This place is where some of the scenes for Kill Bill were shot – yep, it really is. So if you go there for no other reason than to feel at one with Quentin Tarantino then we say go for it! New York Grill Fear not burger lovers! Just because you’re in Tokyo doesn’t mean you have to survive on a diet of sushi and noodles, if you’re missing some of your Western favourites then head down to the New York Grill and grab yourself something meaty and covered in cheese. Mmmmm. • Hotel Asia Center of Japan • Yaesu Terminal Hotel • Sunshine City Prince Hotel • Mercure Hotel Ginza

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