MNG Airlines A30B at Cologne on Feb 9th 2010, lost engine part during rollout

A MNG Airlines Cargo Airbus A300-B4, registration TC-MNJ performing freight flight MB-6121 from Istanbul (Turkey) to Cologne (Germany), experienced the separation of the right hand engine (CF6) thrust reverser translation sleeve (also known as transcowl) during roll out while landing at Cologne's Airport. No injuries occured, the airplane sustained minor damage. The NTSB reported, that another aircraft operating on the runway some time later collided with the debris and sustained wheel damage. The German BFU is investigating. The BFU reported on Apr 29th, that TC-MNJ was landing on Cologne's runway 32R. The crew observed normal operations while selecting and applying reverse thrust. When the reverse thrust was selected off at 80 knots the crew noticed a slight tendency to turn left requiring them to apply rudder to maintain the runway center line. After the thrust reversers had stowed, the green reverse thrust and the yellow reverser unlocked indication for the right hand engine remained illuminated. When the airplane arrived at its assigned stand, ground crew reported that the fan reverser translating cowl was missing from the right hand engine. This was reported to tower 16 minutes after touch down. 4 minutes after touch down of TC-MNJ another Boeing 767 freighter had landed and rolled through the debris left behind however. That 767 received damage to the inlet of its right hand engine(dents) and two wheels of the right hand main gear. The engine inlet and one wheel needed to be replaced. The BFU said, that the mechanics of the thrust reverser were found in the stowed position. The thread of lower drive was worn down, the mechanical link to the cowl was torn off, several other struts and flaps were damaged so that the reverser flaps fell off together with the cowl. On Apr 26th 2018, more than 8 years after the occurrence, the BFU released their final factual report reiterating the information already known in 2010.

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