Accident: Delta MD90 at Denver on May 8th 2018, smoke in cabin during taxi

Passengers evacuating through overwing exit (Photo: NWOTweeter)

A Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-90, registration N960DN performing flight DL-1854 from Detroit,MI to Denver,CO (USA) with 153 people on board, had safely landed on Denver's runway 35R and was taxiing to the apron about 3 minutes later when the crew radioed ground to roll the trucks, they had fire on board. The aircraft stopped on the taxiway and was evacuated via slides through all (including overwing) exits. A number of people received minor injuries as result of the evacuation, one person was taken to a hospital. The airport reported the aircraft was taxiing when smoke was reported inside the aircraft prompting the evacuation of the aircraft. There was no fire and no flames. Minor injuries occurred. Airport operations were unaffected. The airline reported the aircraft was evacuated via slides and overwing exits due to observation of smoke on board of the aircraft. Airport response vehicles met the aircraft out of abundance of caution, the customers were taken to the terminal via busses. Five people received minor injuries. Passengers reported there was thick smoke coming out of the cabin air vents. Smoke seen on board (Photo: NWOTweeter):

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