Crash: Global Damojh B732 at Havana on May 18th 2018, lost height shortly after takeoff

Photos by AFP

A Global Aerolineas Damojh Boeing 737-200 on behalf of Cubana de Aviacion, registration XA-UHZ performing flight CU-972 from Havana to Holguin (Cuba) with 105 passengers and 6 crew, lost height shortly after takeoff at 12:08L (16:08Z), contacted a house, trees and a railway track near position N22.9914 W82.3912 and burst into flames. Emergency services are responding. Three passengers have been taken to hospitals in critical condition and are believed to be the only survivors. Cuban Authorities confirmed an accident at Havana Airport, there is intense fire. A massive response by emergency services has been dispatched. Cuba's Ministry of Transport reported the aircraft belonged to Global Aerolineas Damojh based in Mexico. In the evening the Ministry confirmed XA-UHZ was involved in the accident. Cuba's President reported the aircraft carried 104 passengers and 9 crew. Mexico's Ministry of Transport reported a team of specialists of Mexico's DGCA is going to participate in the investigation of the accident of XA-UHZ belonging to Aerolineas Damojh and is going to depart for Havana on May 19th. Cubana de Aviacion posted phone numbers for relatives of flight DMJ-972 (Callsign confirming Global Aerolineas Damojh). Late evening (Cuban time) Authorities reported the aircraft carried 104 passengers, one infant and six crew. Three passengers were rescued alive and are being treated for very serious injuries. The crew and 5 passengers were foreign nationality, the other passengers were Cubans. Cuban Media had reported a Blue Panorama Boeing 737 leased by Cubana de Aviacion crashed on takeoff. I-BPAC was seen operating flights CU-1976 and CU-1945 on May 18th 2018, was on the ground at Havana Airport at the time of the accident and was not involved in the accident.

Photos by AFP

According to ATDB Global Aerolineas Damojh operate three Boeing 737s: a Boeing 737-200 registration XA-UHZ, a Boeing 737-200 XA-UMQ and a Boeing 737-500 XA-UZK. Neither aircraft appeared in Mode-S transponder data throughout May 18th 2018 until the accident. Later May 18th 2018 transponder data identifying XA-UMQ showed the aircraft operating near Mexico City. Metars: MUHA 181755Z 15005KT 070V200 9000 SCT026 OVC130 29/23 Q1015= MUHA 181655Z 13005KT 090V190 9000 SCT018 OVC130 29/23 Q1015= MUHA 181555Z 17004KT 140V220 9000 SCT017 OVC210 28/23 Q1015= MUHA 181455Z 17006KT 140V220 9000 SCT013 OVC130 27/24 Q1015= MUHA 181355Z 12004KT 080V150 9000 FEW030 BKN130 26/22 Q1015= MUHA 181255Z 13003KT 080V170 8000 FEW025 BKN130 24/21 Q1015=

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