The first Boeing 777x heads off to nearly a year of testing…

The first Boeing 777X static test airplane assembled without engines and systems, rolled out of Boeing’s facility in Everett last night. This non-flying airplane now heads off to nearly a year of testing to verify design strength. according to Boeing.

252ft fuselage 777x is the longest commercial airplane in the world.. longer than A380, 747-8…

In 12 June 1994 at 11.15am, the world watched the first Boeing 777 took to the skies for the first time., and the first 777x will takeoff from the same runway in in Everett, WA in 2019.

Boeing has unveiled its first completed Boeing 777x static test Aircraft WH001. This static-test aircraft will not be fitted with engines or systems, as it will be used only to test load distribution

The static-test aircraft also not fitted with vertical and horizontal stabiliser but fitted with dummy horizontal stabiliser to emulate the weight.

According to Paine Airport, The aircraft is moved from the 40-24 to the 45-12 static test building

Boeing 777x will be the first commercial airplane with touch screen technology. The fuselage windows are 30% larger than its competitors.

WH001 will be the first to go off the line for assembly test followed by four more be built for test flight, and the sixth aircraft built will be for the fatigue testing as well as for structural and load testing.

Lufthansa, Etihad, Singapore, Emirates, Qatar and ANA the customers waiting to take delivery of the airplane when it enter the service by 2020.

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