Restricted Pakistan Airspace affect more than 350 flights daily.

The continues restricted Airspace over Pakistan after an air strike by Indian Airforce in late February has been a costly flight route between Europe and Southeast Asia. Pakistan’s airspace lies in the middle of a vital aviation corridor between Europe and South east Asia. Everyday more than 350 Flights passed directly over Pakistan before the closure of airspace. Now all International flights are forced to take costly and time-consuming detours to the north and south of the country., adding additional fuel cost. A flight from London to Singapore would add about 450 km when it is rerouted over Muscat, a flight from Paris to Bangkok would add up to 650 km, and a flight from Delhi to Amsterdam would add more than 900km. The detour of flights also add between one and three hours of extra flight time. There is no word from Pakistan when the airspace will be fully open for commercial flights. 


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