United Boeing 737 Engine Fire

A United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N37281) travelling from Honolulu on May 29th was forced to return to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport due to an engine fault, which resulted in a fire. The fault was reported by the captain to the passengers as a compressor failure, which is quite common. Before the fire, flight 132’s destination was Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands. There were no reported injuries as a result of this incident. As the plane climbed and ascended over the ocean, there were 2 bursts of flames coming from the engine. The aircraft then began circling, with the crew likely evaluating the state of the engine. The flight was eventually aborted, and the aircraft landed two hours later at 09:35. The flight was met on the ground by emergency services, however they were not necessary. Through a report to IBTimes, passenger Josh Ley described the events. “Had fire and smoke coming out the back for like a few seconds, like two spurs of fire,” Ley said. “Then next thing you know we were staying at the same elevation, circling around for almost an hour before we landed again. It was about an hour of just trying to figure out what’s going on.” Some of the passengers managed to book seats on the next available flight, however, not all passengers managed to find seats on the aircraft due to it being fully booked. However, these displaced passengers were given accommodation and food vouchers to supply them up until the next flight, which is due to leave more than 4 days later, on Friday due to United’s limited schedule on the island hopper service. 

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