American Airlines Flight Attendant Accused Of Racism

Last week an American Airlines flight attendant was caught on camera threatening to make Mexican passengers’ experience in customs “very difficult”. The incident took place at an unknown U.S. airport after a flight from Mexico. The exchange reportedly took place after a conflict during the flight, after the cameraperson’s elderly mother became ill on the way. Apparently, this caused the crew member in question to become irritated. In the six-second video clip, the camera person can be heard accusing the flight attendant of being rude to them during the flight: “You were very rude to us” says the man holding the camera. “Darling, I can make it very difficult for you in customs,” the crew member replies back. The video is accompanied by more allegations of rudeness and poor treatment from the flight attendant. In fact, one of the family members involved released a statement of their own on Twitter: “We tried to explain that my mother felt ill from the flight and tried to properly dispose of her throw-up and Carol’s response was ‘Oh please, I’ve been dealing with you people for 30-years. My family did not expect that response, as we had nothing to do with her career choice and her hate for her job for that matter. As soon as she said that out of line comment I pulled my phone out to record. My family said we didn’t want to argue we just wanted her to understand the interaction and how she was incredibly rude. She proceeded to insult and threaten us which is what is captured on film.” Further information shared by the one family member on Twitter discloses that their entire family was born in the United States with the exception of her mother who was a legal immigrant to the country. The large group of relatives (all of whom are of Asian descent) according to FlyerTalk. The individual goes on to say that the flight attendant actually made attempts to follow through on her threat. Allegedly, “Carol” tried to tell an employee to stop the family as they arrived at customs. 

The airport/customs employee then reportedly apologized to the family because “he could clearly tell Carol was being unfair and he asked if we wanted to bring his supervisor to report her”. 

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