KLM Boeing 737 Returns To Amsterdam Following Engine Overheat

A KLM Boeing 737 was forced to return to Amsterdam last Wednesday. The pilot reported that his right-hand engine was overheating after takeoff. Thankfully the aircraft landed safely. Occasionally engines have issues, however, fortunately, this is usually confined to one engine. In fact, modern aircraft can have certifications known as ETOPS meaning they are certified to fly on one engine if they have to (for example on a transatlantic crossing). However, it is usually the case that pilots to land as a priority or return to their base when shutting down an engine. This depends on the specific circumstances. What happened? KLM flight 1497 is due to depart from Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport daily at 13:25 CET. Following a flight that usually takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes, the aircraft then lands in Ibiza at around 16:00. According to data from Flight Aware, on the 24th of August, the flight took off at 13:30 CET. However, the aircraft levelled off at 8,000 feet. It then returned to Schipol Airport landing at approximately 30 minutes later around 14:00 local time. The aircraft flew 135 nautical miles according to the source. A replacement aircraft eventually departed at around 16:30. It went on to fly the delayed passengers to Ibiza, where they landed at 18:50. As the flight clocked in at two hours and 50 minutes late, it is unclear if the passengers would be eligible for compensation, which usually starts at three hours. According to the Av Herald, the crew decided to shut the right-hand engine down after repeated overheating warnings. They report that passengers suggest a loud bang was heard after take-off. In fact, it has even been reported that the pilot told passengers leaving the aircraft that “the situation had been more critical than just the right-hand engine overheating, he never had experienced such an emergency before”. 


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