American Airlines Flight Attendants MUST ONLY Wear New Uniform Beginning 1st March 2020

Nearly 5,000 flight attendants at American Airlines have complained of skin reactions and other health complaints after the carrier introduced its first new uniform in 25-years in September 2016. The fiasco has been a big thorn in the side of the Dallas Forth Worth-based airline ever since, with flight attendants reporting they had suffered hives, rashes and breathing difficulties as a result of wearing the new uniform. While chemical testing of the garments remains inconclusive (the flight attendant union disagrees with the results published by the airline), American did agree to a number of interim measures while a longterm solution could be implemented. Since March 2017, flight attendants have been allowed to either wear their old pre-2016 uniform or even buy off-the-rack alternatives instead of wearing the company-issued uniform. That stopgap policy, however, is going to come to an end on March 1, 2020 when the latest iteration in American’s flight attendant uniform is rolled out. The change in policy was leaked by Twitter user JonNYC (@xJonNYC) who has a good reputation in sharing internal developments at the airline. A memo, reportedly sent to staffers, say’s there will be “no more mixing and marching uniform collection, no variations of grays and blues, and no alternative uniform options,” once the new uniform is rolled out. American Airlines has been working with workwear manufacturer Lands’ End since last year to develop the new look and claims it has “gone above and beyond to ensure the highest levels of garment safety.” 

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