easyJet Pilot Flies Himself To Holiday After Original Pilot Goes Missing

An off duty easyJet pilot, Michael Bradley, was so keen to get on his holidays this week, he flew the plane himself. Despite arriving at the airport with his family and bags, Mr. Bradley was clearly not willing to accept a long delay while the airline waited for a replacement pilot, and instead got the all clear to fly to Alicante. We’ve all seen those films where somebody shouts from the cockpit, “Does anyone know how to fly a plane?”. Well, this situation wasn’t quite that dramatic, but still ended up with a random holidaymaker piloting the plane. Here’s how it went down. What happened? According to Michael Bradley himself, the drama began around 3am when his wife punched him in the back of the head. She was concerned that their flight to Alicante had been delayed two hours for unknown reasons. Undeterred by the news, Bradley, who is an easyJet pilot, along with his wife and young son headed to Manchester Airport to catch the flight. According to Mr. Bradley, he had packed his ‘good shoes’ and pilots license, just in case. On arrival at the airport, he was advised that the flight was delayed due to the assigned pilot not being there in time. Keen to get on his way, Bradley called up easyJet and offered his assistance. In his own words, they said, “…please, please pretty please with a big cherry on top, can you fly the aeroplane to Alicante?”


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