How An American Airlines Flight Was Delayed For Three Days

Back on September 9th, American Airlines flight 988 going from Lima to Dallas was set to depart at just before midnight. According to One Mile at a Time (OMAAT), the Boeing 757-200 operating the flight had 171 passengers onboard. Little did they know that it would be two more days before they would be able to get to their destination… A series of unfortunate events So how was this flight delayed by three days? The first delay was due to an onboard intercom system failure – a system considered critical. With the parts coming from abroad, maintenance personnel determined it would take another 24 hours. With the intercom system fixed, the second delay was due to something completely unrelated: a door and emergency slide. Even though this was repaired while the passengers remained onboard, the runway was closed for its scheduled repair work by the time the plane was ready to go. Apparently the paperwork hadn’t been completed in time. Back to the terminal the passengers went. On night number three of this ordeal, the crew was stuck in traffic en route to the airport. They showed up for the flight 15 minutes before departure. But that wasn’t the end of it. A battery failure occurred on the aircraft shortly before boarding causing an additional two hour delay. Then, as the plane taxied out to the runway, an engine problem was discovered. 

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