Incident: Aegean A320 at Corfu on Oct 3rd 2019, engine trouble

Source: Avhearld 

An Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 on behalf of Olympic Air, registration SX-DVU performing flight OA-283 from Corfu to Athens (Greece), was climbing out of Corfu when the right hand engine (V2527) emitted a loud bang followed by another lesser bang. The crew reduced the thrust on the right hand engine recovering the engine, stopped the climb at FL230 and continued to Athens for a safe landing with emergency services on standby about 50 minutes after departure. The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Athens about 13 hours after landing. A passenger reported the right hand engine emitted a loud bang, the whole aircraft shuddered, a few seconds later another "much quieter sound" occurred. It was noticeable that subsequently the left hand engine was operating at higher thrust than the right hand engine. No in flight service occurred, the aircraft landed in Athens with emergency services receiving the aircraft and escorting the aircraft to the apron. 

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