Criminal Charges Brought Against Aeroflot SJ100 Crash Pilot

Russia’s federal Investigative Committee has brought charges against the pilot who crashed their SJ100 last earlier this year. The emergency landing, which ruptured a fuel tank upon landing, killed 41 passengers and injured several more. What happened? As reported by Simple Flying back in June, Aeroflot flight 1492 on May 5th was en route to Moscow to Murmansk when it encountered a storm. The aircraft was struck by lightning and the captain decided to return the aircraft back to Moscow for inspection. At first, it was believed that the aircraft was on fire upon its approach to land, but later reports discovered that the fire was caused by a bumpy landing. When the aircraft touched down, nose gear first, the g-force was measured to be the equivalent of 2.55g, causing a bounce to a height of around two meters. The proceeding lading back onto the runway opened the fuel lines and caused a myriad of sparks. The resulting inferno consumed the rear of the plane and forced all passengers and crew to quickly escape. Unfortunately, 41 passengers were not so lucky and were killed in the incident. 


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