Exchange of text messages between Boeing senior pilots revealed “Boeing knew about the 737MAX, MCAS

Exchange of text messages between two lead technical pilots on the Boeing 737 MAX program reveal that Boeing knew about the MCAS software issues as early as 2016. The document disclosed on Friday reveal that the flight-control system, was behaving uncontrollably in the test senior pilots’ 737MAX simulator sessions, two years before the two 737MAX crashes. The text messages read; To: From: Sent: Subject: Forkner, Mark A[]; Gustavsson, Patrik H[] Forkner, Mark A Wed 11/16/2016 2:55:56 AM (UTC) Conversation with Forkner, Mark A Mark Forkner 6:46 PM: dude, log off! Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:46 PM: You too!!! I just logged on to check my schedule. I have so much to do that I want to work from home I just cant get stuff done in the office Mark Forkner 6:47 PM: nah, I’m locked in my hotel room with an ice cold grey goose, I’ll probably fire off a few dozen inappropriate emails before I call it a night Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:47 PM: LMAO!!!! Mark Forkner 6:47 PM: this job is insane Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:47 PM: So did you get anything done in the sim today? Or what is the normal chaos there? Mark Forkner 6:48 PM: although it must be easy compared to working as a tech pilot for RYR Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:48 PM: Well it’s different here. We are pretty busy here for sure. Mark Forkner 6:48 PM: actually this one is pretty stable, and I signed off some DRs, but there are still some real fundamental issues that they claim they’re aware of Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:48 PM: What I hated about Ryanair was the extreme pressure they put on people Ok, that’s good Mark Forkner 6:49 PM: so I just need to start being a dick to make you quit? Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:49 PM: LOL, that’s it! Mark Forkner 6:49 PM: alright, no more mr nice guy! actually I’d cry uncontrollably if you left I’d ask for a job in sales where I can just get paid to drink with customers and lie about how awesome our airplanes are Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:50 PM: I’d cry if anyone in our group left. Mark Forkner 6:50 PM: Oh shocker alerT! MCAS is now active down to M .2 It’s running rampant in the sim on me at least that’s what Vince thinks is happening Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:51 PM: Oh great, that means we have to update the speed trim descritption in vol 2 Mark Forkner 6:51 PM: so I basically lied to the regulators (unknowingly) Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:51 PM: it wasnt a lie, no one told us that was the case Mark Forkner 6:51 PM: I’m levelling off at like 4000 ft, 230 knots and the plane is trimming itself like craxy I’m like, WHAT? Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:52 PM: that’s what i saw on sim one, but on approach I think that’s wrong Mark Forkner 6:52 PM: granted, I suck at flying, but even this was egregious Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:52 PM: No, i think we need aero to confirm what its supposed to be doing Mark Forkner 6:53 PM: Vince is going to get me some spreadsheet table that shows when it’s supposed to kick in. why are we just now hearing about this? Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:53 PM: I don’t know, the test pilots have kept us out of the loop It’s really only christine that is trying to work with us, but she has been too busy Mark Forkner 6:54 PM: they’re all so damn busy, and getting pressure from the program Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:54 PM: That is true, I wouldnt want to be them Ok, its time to log off Mark Forkner 6:55 PM: ok later man Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:55 PM: I’ll work from home tomorrow, be online all day later According to Seattle times, “Boeing has known about the text messages for many months. …However, Boeing only provided the messages on Thursday to the chief attorney for the Department of Transportation, the federal agency that includes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).” “That delay prompted FAA Administrator Steve Dickson to write a short, sharply worded letter to Muilenburg Friday, declaring, “I expect your explanation immediately regarding the content of this document and Boeing’s delay in disclosing the document to the safety regulator.” 

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