Thai Airways is at the risk of closure, says the Airways president …

Thai Airways president Sumeth Damrongchaitham said on Tuesday that the airline is at the risk of closure if the staff does not cooperate with the airline’s rehabilitation efforts. “Today I want staff to be united to overcome the obstacles. Otherwise, the national airline must close down. There is still time for a solution, but there is not much time,” Mr Sumeth said. THAI posted a loss of 6.44 billion baht in the first half of this year, raising its accumulated loss to 280 billion baht. The flag Airline of Thailand also scrapped the $5bn fleet renewal project after being pressured by the government. “The competition is very fierce this year,” Mr Sumeth said. “THAI is really in a crisis. Next year it must do its best. If staff are still unaware and do nothing, they will not have enough time to fight back. Today very little time remains. Today there is no comfort zone. Everyone will die if the vessel sinks,” . According to Sumeth, the airline would take cost cutting measures by reducing the salaries of managerial staff and following a zero inventory policy at its catering department. “There will be no other rewards for the staff, because the top prize is the survival of the company,” Mr Sumeth said. The airline was founding on 29 March 1960; 59 years ago operates a fleet of 80 aircraft and today employs more than 20,000 people. 


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