GE9x engine intended to power the Boeing 777x first flight aircraft was damaged during shipment

Another set back for Boeing as one of the first revamped GE9x engines intended to power its 777X flight-test aircraft was damaged during a shipping accident last month. According to Bloomberg citing Boeing, The engine was damaged when the freighter made a hard landing on Paine Field runway, adjacent to Boeing’s Everett factory in Washington. The 777x first flight was postponed earlier this year after General Electrics discovered wear issues of the GE9x engine compressor stator that affected about 18 engines. The 777x went behind schedule after issues with Engine, and in September, a cargo door blew out of an airframe during a ground aerodynamic-stress test. Bloomberg reported that “Volga-Dnepr Airlines, a Russian cargo carrier that handles shipments of oversize items for Boeing, sought emergency approval from the U.S. Transportation Department on Nov. 4 to return the power plant back to Peebles, Ohio, for additional testing….Boeing and GE later scrapped the shipment after determining that the engine could be repaired in Everett, Bergman said..” The GE9X is the world’s largest commercial aircraft engine ever produced, with an 11-foot front fan diameter. 

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