Delta 777 Dumps Fuel Over Los Angeles


A Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200ER bound for Shanghai had an engine issue shortly after departing from Los Angeles International Airport, forcing it to return to the airport. To reduce landing weight, flight 89 dumped fuel. Typically, fuel is dumped over the ocean, or at an altitude high enough that it will evaporate before reaching the ground. This time, the aircraft dumped fuel over the urban Los Angeles area at altitudes less than 8,000 feet, allowing it to reach the ground before evaporating. Wide-body airliners are capable of dumping 5,000 pounds of fuel per minute. At cruise, a Boeing 777 will use about 16,000 pounds of fuel per hour. Upon reaching the ground, the fuel landed on several schools. In total 60 people were treated by paramedics for skin irritation, According to ABC Los Angeles, nobody was sent to the hospital and all affected people were treated on the scene. At Park Avenue Elementry school, 17 children were treated as they were on the playground when the aircraft flew over. 

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